Our mission is to:

  • create exemplary technology and design products;
  • build technology that furthers positive social transformation;
  • allow us each to do purposeful work and accomplish our personal aspirations;
  • refrain from causing harm by releasing shoddy code, implementing misguided design, or letting our relationships go untended;
  • foster trusting, rigorous and joyful human relationships that bring value to our company, our professional partners and our community;
  • maintain a sustainable, well-run business that supports a small group of excellent engineers, designers and their families.

We believe that technology and design products should be a reflection of the human care and intellect that helped to craft them, so that other humans can use them well. We also believe that our work:

  • is inherently meaningful when we enjoy doing it and learn from our partners and one another;
  • is important as a medium for treating each other and ourselves well;
  • best provides value for our community, our professional partners and ourselves when it is performed in an environment that prioritizes integrity, knowledge and humor.