Technology Audit

The Problem

More often than not, successful start-ups attain that success by focusing on MVP (minimum viable product). The idea is simple: put something in front of the customers as soon as possible, get income flowing, then improve and refine the product.

As General George S. Patton said:

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.

However, if we're honest, the MVP approach is about taking shortcuts and finding the fastest way — not the best way — to get features out the door. In development terms we call this "technical debt." There's nothing wrong with this, but as with financial debt, you have to keep track of it, not let it grow out of control, and have a plan for paying it off.

The Solution

If you are looking to invest in or acquire a startup, you need to understand the technical debt, just like you do with the financial obligations of a company. That insight is what Dojo4's Technology Audit provides.

With a small team of over a century of combined technical experience, our team of architects, developers, and system admins dig in to the application code and infrastructure to provide you with a clear, understandable analysis of what you are investing in.

What You Get

The substantive technical audit report includes: * A thorough code review. * A technical and business evaluation of the product based on interview(s) with the dev team. * A detailed analysis of the application's infrastructure. * A recommendations heuristic for ongoing and future technical strategy. * Any additional investigation and analysis based on specific requests or needs uncovered in the audit.

Why Use Dojo4?

We know apps. Dojo4 is a full service development agency. We have built a large catalog of applications across a vast number of industries. This experience allows us to quickly understand the application we are reviewing and the choices its developers have made. Each person on our team is senior in their field, and brings that depth of experience to the audit process.

We have an impartial view. Even the most forthright and honest dev team is probably not completely aware of their technical debt. Decisions made in the heat of the moment are quickly forgotten. The fastest solution is often implemented without a lot of thought given to more robust alternatives. It's hard to see the big picture when you are down in the trenches. We have the distance to provide impartial insight.

We are a neutral third party. Often the target of an acquisition is reluctant to show their code to a competitor. We can alleviate their concerns about trade secrets being revealed while still providing you with clear insight into your risks.

You wouldn't invest in a company without understanding its financial state. Achieve the same level of insight into its technical state with Dojo4's Technology Audit.


The cost of a Technical Audit is $6k per auditor per week. The average Technical Audit takes 2-3 person-weeks. Please contact us for an estimate of your audit.