A sequel!

by Justin Crawford

We wrote a few weeks back about Photo Graffiti/Boulder is My Gallery, a public art project that visited dojo4. There was a small flurry of media activity about the project -- first the Daily Camera picked it up (and filmed a video of me talking about the photo), then the Denver Egotist reposted the video, and finally the Huffington Post reposted the video

Of course, by that time the picture in question was long gone, "stolen" as the placard suggests. It hung behind dojo4 for just two nights.

We thought the story was over, and we hoped it generated some fun for the artist and sponsor behind the project. But it hasn't ended.

This morning while a few of us were down at Boxcar Coffee, a Boulder Open Space ranger drove up to dojo4 and left something on the porch. The Ruby hackers hanging out saw it happen, and they took the unexpected delivery inside.

Img 20120418 090402

Those are the facts. Beyond them is merely conjecture. But the piece now greeting you as you enter dojo4 ("Waiting") was once hung elsewhere. It appears we "stole" it using pure hacker guile: We're the only entity associated with this project whose address can be easily found online, and for some searches we're the first result. Talk about black-hat SEO!

The placard remains, so we cannot guarantee this piece will not follow the first one into an unknown private collection. But for now, you can view it weekdays during business hours. C'mon by!

Img 20120418 090411