by Ara T. Howard

This message recently went out to our crew. How do you manage distraction?

working in the digital realm is an awesomely overpowering source of distraction that drives us to consume without creating. some ideas for fighting back

  • shut off email

  • answer emails once, or twice, per day

  • shut of twitter, assbook, and other social networks

  • shut of propane. we'll find you iff we need to

  • do one thing at a time. multi-tasking is distraction itself.

  • block out time. this in the morning. that in the afternoon.

  • finish something. stopping at 90% costs time, money, and creates and open loop in your mind

  • focus on methods that let you create without consuming: you can post a picture without logging into twitter/facebook/tumblr by just sharing an image via email to your account. you can create posts, gists, or other content using scripts or tools that let you do so without reading/consuming other cones. you can 'git commit' even when the internet is completely off.

  • build you own. sure you can find it on google - along with a 45 minute diversion into the abyss

  • IM is the devil

  • adjust your phone so that, if it rings, you know you have to pick it up

  • spend time and aggressively filter you inbox with gmail. if it makes it into your inbox is should be important by default. everything else should be filters or deleted automatically.

UPDATE from http://dojo4.com/#Corey

  • when you notice that you are distracted, go for a walk around the block
  • talking in person (especially when the other person is in the same room) is likely a more effective, quicker and less convoluted option than email
  • don't always trust the impulse to answer all emails / txts immediately - a little space, even a few minutes, will probably make the communication more effective
  • regular eye yoga http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00XqvNwYMoc !