Dojo4, Ignite, Corey and Giving a Fuck

by Rylan Bowers

If you werent there and want to see Corey's recent Ignite talk, its now posted

Theres a good chance that youll see a dojo4 family member's face in at least one of the slides!

Also, another presenter that night, Becky Boone, is now facing calls for her dismissal from working with the City of Boulder based on the fact that she said fuck a handful of times in her talk.

She is working with the City of Boulder through a partnership with Code for America, and was calling for more civic engagement from Boulders under-represented citizens.

Watch her talk: Why you should care about your local government.

If you want to support Code for America's work to promote more representative civic participation in Boulder's government, please email:,, today to express your opinion and/or support for Becky Boone and Code for America.

Some more people talking about it (in rough chronological order):

More ways to get involved:

1. City Council Meetings

2. Sign up for Boulder Planning Email Updates

3. Email the Boulder City Council at:

4. Write a blog post about the situation

5. Tweet with the hashtags:

  • #BoulderCouncil
  • #IGiveAFuck

6. Get involved in the conversation!