Harvest Time @ Calgary Farmers Market

by Emily KenCairn

It’s that time of the year when your CSA drops off the last of the eggplant and apples at your door and you start Googling babaghanoush and making cider.

dojo4 recently reconnected with our favorite farmers up North at the Calgary Farmer's Market. For a number of years, dojo4 has assisted CFM in maintaining its ExpressionEngine website - one we designed and built for them many moons ago.

We've lent a hand with everything from design micro-adjustments to full-page overhauls, such as making their "Explore the Market" map interactive with hover states, tooltips, and light boxes.

On every occasion, it's been a pleasure working with Mark Franssen; he never seems to get tired of Steve asking "How's the weather up there?" either. Thanks for being such a great client, CFM!

And while you're out there perusing blogs, check out CFM's mouthwatering recipe index for the fall harvest.