Leprechauns love rainbows.

by Noah Larsen

We here at the dojo love us some holidays. In honor of many holidays, we've enabled our site with a quick switching color scheme. St. Patrick's day was the first such opportunity to give this a go. We rolled out the green and were mighty pleased with ourselves as we sipped giant steins of Guinness.

Then, disaster struck. We learned of the lame situations in New York Citay and Boston where LGBTQ folks (in particular gay vets) were being excluded from marching in the parade. This led to a boycott of the parades by mayors and brewers alike. We too were all like, "not on my watch, suckas." We took down the green. Peace was restored.

It wasn't long before we started to miss the green like a leprechaun misses his pot of gold. We wanted it back, but we didn't want to seem like we were giving in.

We reevaluated the situation and decided that in this particular instance, doing something was going to make more of a statement than doing nothing at all.

As a result, the green is back and badder than ever. And to make sure we're not misunderstood, we added a little rainbow to the logo... ya know, 'cause leprechauns love rainbows.

Happy St. Paddy's Day!!