Miles Smiles

by Peter McEwen

We want to welcome our newest developer, Miles Matthias to the magical realm of dojo4! dojo4, where everyday is Ride Your Bike To Work Day and the IPA flows like an eternal spring. We met this morning and over some delicious Boxcar Coffee discussed the causes and conditions of his ascent to power.

Favorite Cryptozoological Creature:


Favorite Writer:

David McCullough

Nude Beaches?

Resounding no.

Development Passion:

Integrating fluidity and simplicity into the development craft.

Approach to Living:

Organized and minimalistic (neat freak?)

Favorite Design Book:

The Design of Everyday Things

Secret Power:

Speed Reading

dojo4 Meetup Subject:


In closing, we suggest you get to know dojo4's new iOS, HTML/CSS, javascript dev. Check him at @miles_matthias or at and get to some conversin'!

Oh yeah, one more thing!

Favorite Steed: