Never debug alone.

by Ara T. Howard

this recently went out to our team. thought i'd share:

it's pretty simple:

all of us get hung up on shit.  all of us have random bug bombs dropped in our lap on sunday.

development is actually something best done alone, with trance music, in a dark room smelling of coffee.

despite what all the communication and pm tools proclaim.

that is, with the exception of debugging.

when shit goes wrong take advantage of your team:  it's strong, patient, and willing.

when someone reaches out to you with an issue take a breath and ask:

  "must this launch in 10 minutes?"

if the answer is no - or even if it is - take time to listen the problem you team-mate is facing.

after all, as we all know, just talking through a problem out *LOUD* is 90% of fixing it.

often more like 100%.

this is rule 57 of dojo4: