Site Launch: Planted Nutrition

by Justin Crawford
Planted Nutrition's new site

We just launched a marketing website for Planted Nutrition, a new nutrition practice in Boulder run by Ellen Teig. 

Planted Nutrition is a fresh business, just starting to cook, and Ellen wanted a bright, professional web site to help clients learn more about her services and approach. Ellen's budget and needs were both small, so we decided to build a quick one-page site showcasing all her content.

Ellen's design inspirations included several culinary blogs with big, beautiful pictures of food. Anthony Dimitre brought that bold look into the page with a couple very nice carrots.

Anthony also put together a nice logo that will flavor all of Planted Nutrition's other materials -- business cards, client packets, and more.

Behind the scenes, Planted Nutrition is a static web site built with Middleman. We can't say enough about this tool. Static site generation isn't new, and Middleman isn't the first static site generator, but it is a very good tool.

At dojo4 we're using Middleman as an alternative to the ubiquitous LAMP content management systems. There are several good LAMP CMS tools out there, but they aren't one-size-fits-all, and they all require some trade-offs. In this case, even a CMS as simple as Wordpress would be too complex and maintenance-heavy for Planted Nutrition's immediate needs.

Someday, Planted Nutrition may want something more than a static site. But meanwhile, this tasty site is plenty.