So long and thanks for all the unicorns!

by Fred Jean


Today is my last day at Dojo4. It has an adventure full of ups and downs, challenging technologies and being surrounded by an amazing crew.

I first heard of the Dojo four years ago. I was attending a Ruby code and coffee event when Jeremy mentioned that he was going to work at the dojo. I asked about this mystical place but hesitated to visit at first. I eventually overcame that hesitation and became a frequent visitor. I must warn you: hanging out at the dojo puts you at high risk of working for the dojo. I eventually heard of a position that dojo4 was recruiting for. I applied and my fate was sealed.

I returned to the dojo a little more than a year later to join as a full time employee. Here, I had the chance to work with amazing clients on deeply interesting projects. There was iOS, infrastructure, front end, back end, ops, devops, noops opportunities. Lots of MVP, some ongoing maintenance.

Still, I was missing working at scale. So I answered the call of a local startup who already has a product and a steep growth curve who needed help with scaling, expanding and running their product. Dealing with millions of emails a day is going to force me to up my game to a few levels.

It is bitter sweet to leave such a crew behind, but they'll do just fine. They are amazing in their own ways.

I'll post more details of my adventures on my twitter feed and on my blog. Stay posted!