Step 1: MMCO Status Update on Purpose

by Ryan Cook

As a follow up to my Step 0 post the other day, I wanted to offer some insight into the current status of Moshi Moshi Co. along these lines.

WRITE IT DOWN This process began essentially on day 1 of MMCO at our kickoff retreat and we ended up with some high-level aspirations in our internal wiki. After that though, the next writing we did was the most recent blog post. Our current WIP is creating a more fully-formed "About Us" page on the website as there isn't much there currently.

REVISIT OFTEN We currently have a short, weekly status meeting on Fridays at 1pm. If you'd like to sit in on one, let me know! Part of these meetings will soon be checking in around our more purposeful, non-$$ focused progress/tasks.

HAVE ALLIES//ENABLE OTHERS We have begun a search for an arts organization that we could help out and collaborate with as a pair to Wallspace Finder. Know anyone who might be interested?

If you have questions, feedback, criticisms, or encouragement to offer on any of these fronts, we'd love to hear from you.