Tax Day Is Coming; Be Not Afraid.

by Emily KenCairn


Mathematician and artist used to be pretty much the same job (see above drawing by Rafael Araujo). But today the prevailing belief seems to be that artists suck at math, and visa versa. While I disagree, I do know a lot of artists who seem averse to working with numbers.

You know who you are. You're still teetering on the verge of filing that extension, even though Tax Day is less than a week away.

Enter Rus Garofalo of Brass Taxes. He specializes in taxes for the self-employed, especially us artist-types. DOJO4 had the opportunity to re-build the backend of this year, so we can honestly say: it works beautifully!

Listen dear friends: having someone else file your taxes - someone who actually understands the IRS' ever-changing rules - is your god-given right as an adult. Can't afford it? Planning to DIY with Turbo Tax? Aside from being a tax write-off, Brass Taxes will be more fun and less expensive than Turbo Tax, as Rus explains in this video (while wearing a diaper).


So go ahead, file that extension and make an appointment with Brass Taxes to put tax season behind you. That way, if you're in Colorado, you can go skiing this weekend.