Test Your B Corp Trivia Knowledge

by Emily KenCairn

Last week DOJO4 hosted B Lab's community development maven, Kara Peck, to test our B Corp movement trivia knowledge. How many can you get right? (More than Olive the Dog, we hope).



  1. How many B Corps are there around the world? In Colorado?

  2. What is the difference between a Certified B Corp and Benefit Corporation?

  3. What three things does a company have to do to get certified?

  4. What are the main topics covered in the B Impact Assessment?

  5. How often does a B Corp have to renew their certification?

  6. This local spicy chai tea producer holds a yoga and music festival each year.

  7. What Colorado B Corp celebrates their employee owners 5-year anniversary by giving them a paid trip to Belgium?

  8. This B Corp is located in Boulder, on the corner of Broadway and Walnut. They offer a co-working space for companies dedicated to having a positive social and environmental impact in the world, including B Labs Colorado. What is their name?

  9. Which two Colorado B Corps just celebrated their 10 year anniversaries - hint, you might find one on your roof, and one on your doorstep.

  10. What B Corp recently re-located to Colorado from California, and sells socks and t-shirts in Whole Foods?

  11. Name one of the three Certified B Corp law firms in Colorado.

  12. Name a Colorado B Corp that certified in 2015.

  13. This B corp sells sturdy comfortable shoes that certain types of professionals swear by: nurses, hair stylists, waiters, chefs? What is the name of this company?



  1. 1300 / 55.

  2. Here's a good explanation of how the two differ.

  3. Performance, Accountability (legal), Transparency.

  4. Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, Impact Biz model.

  5. Every 2 years.

  6. Bhakti Chai.

  7. New Belgium Brewing.

  8. Impact HUB Boulder.

  9. Namaste Solar and Door to Door Organics.

  10. PACT Apparel.

  11. Jason Wiener PBC, Moye White, Blue Dot Advocates.

  12. DOJO4, Conservation Impact, Nava Real Estate, Purely Elizabeth, Jason Wiener PBC

  13. Dansko!