Wallspace Finder is Up & Running

by Ryan Cook

A few months ago, we started working on Moshi Moshi Co. and picked out Wallspace Finder as our initial venture. This was exciting to us because of our friends in the art community both locally and nationally, not to mention that we'd love to use it ourselves. Who doesn't want rotating, beautiful art in their office, coffee shop, furniture boutique, or studio?

At a high-level, here was our process:

  • identify what we thought the problem was
  • detail a possible solution
  • interview potential artists to establish the problem and gather feedback on the solution
  • interview potential spaces as well
  • build solution

The application is still small and focused on solving the core problem: it is hard to know what art/spaces are available in a community and to communicate with each other around setting up showings. Now that we have a working application to test with, we're hoping to continue refining the process and our understanding of the problem.

Please sign up and let us know what you think! Or, even better, upload some of your art and request to hang it at our office :D