We wrote a book!

by Miles Matthias

Over the holiday break I was reflecting on my introduction to Ruby on Rails at the dojo. As a full stack developer that mainly concentrates on the front-end, it was overwhelming to come into an existing rails project with a small javascript task. What files to edit? How are my scripts included in the page? How is a request handled in rails? Ahh!!

So I wrote a book about it. My awesome dojo4 teammates helped review it for technical soundness and I think it's at a great point to release to the world. Hopefully it helps other front-end developers who jump into a rails project and realize they're lost. Let this book be your compass!


Check out the book:


Ruby on Rails is an extremely powerful full-stack web application framework, but with its power comes complexity. For front-end developers who simply need to edit HTML, CSS, and JS within a Ruby on Rails application, it can be a daunting task. This book explains what front-end developers needs to know about Ruby on Rails in order to work their mastery within a rails app.

By the end of the book, you'll be able to:

* know where to put your html, css, & js within the structure of a ruby on rails app

* how rails routes requests to controllers

* using views, layouts, and partials in controllers

* what the asset pipeline is and how to use it

* how controllers and views in rails work together to render a response in the browser

* how data is added to views and how to link to the data in your html

You'll love it: