What's up with Moshi Moshi Co.?

by Ryan Cook

Lately, you may have been hearing whisperings of some new things coming out of dojo4. Not our usual excellent client work or mad science, but something different. Something... fun!

Well the (not so) secret is out. There's a new product group at dojo4 led by me, Ryan, called Moshi Moshi Co. and it has been in the works for a long, long while. We're focusing on purposeful products for communities as well as experimenting with some smaller concepts. Our first experiment is Speakteesy and was built last year to experiment with process and has already been shut down. Emailadore came about earlier this year and is in use at our office daily.

Our biggest undertaking to date though is Wallspace Finder. At its core, WSF is a product that helps solve an age-old problem for artists: how can I show more art in my community? So, we're building a community of artists and spaces and helping them connect. Artists we've interviewed so far, especially those who are outside of the gallery circuit, have been very receptive and as excited as we are.

We're going to be increasing the frequency of product development and, for each iteration, we'll be soliciting feedback from an inner cabal of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and investors. If you're interested an early look at our products, pumped about partnering, or generally just want to give us a high-five, never feel bad about reaching out.