Who's Been Busy in Denver?

by Ryan Cook

Cross Cultured has.

Cross Cultured logo

They're midway through their inaugural season and are kicking butt. In case you're unfamiliar, Cross Cultured runs a membership program for young, culturally curious individuals that gives access to a special event series at some of the various arts institutions around Denver. This summer, the program will run until October 31st. It's not too late to check out their list of remaining events and become a member!

dojo4 and Moshi Moshi Co. had a chance to help out Cross Cultured throughout the springtime by collaborating on their web presence and membership backend. Here are few highlights:

  • Mobile Friendly: utilizing industry-recognized tools, we quickly built a site that feels good on all devices
  • Stripe Checkout Integration: they can easily track revenue, manage discounts, and issue refunds
  • Content/Data Management: Cross Cultured staff can login and manage all the necessary content and data to drive their homepage, events, and member program
  • Reporting: Their back-office work is streamlined through detailed and exportable reporting

This was really enjoyable for us because we got to leverage our expertise and past experience to build up a deserving organization and cause. Let us know what you think by commenting using the "Tweet" button below!