Nate Beard

Nate Beard is a people gatherer, instigator, and former producer and editor of content at His interests and experiences are in marketing and partnership development, startups, team building, UX design, and writing. He's in relentless pursuit of learning opportunities at the intersection of entrepreneurship, anthropology, and building empowering products and systems in the global development realm.

His drive to empathize and try different things has inspired him to do HIV/AIDS volunteering in South Africa, Mexico, and Guatemala; start his first company at 16; study and travel in Europe; cage dive with Great White sharks; camp in the Saharan desert; raise funds and design a startup competition for college students' mobile apps; and start book clubs. Now he's looking to move overseas to learn from entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

He believes that there's something beautiful somewhere between Tom Robbin's Still Life with Woodpecker and Good to Great by Jim Collins, and you can catch him reading fiction, journaling, biking, playing soccer, or drinking IPAs and deconstructing conditioned thinking in the youth only on Tuesdays.