==~   2020-10-27

Blackmosferric therapy for dark times || Йог‑Сотот в исполнении Ултар

sometimes we must fully acknowledge, and then contemplate, the darkness of our time...to process the phenomena occuring in our exterior and interior landscapes...if only briefly, to inhabit the darkness...to scream without screaming...here is a catharsis aid for 10 minutes of mindfulness...closing your eyes is recommended

blending dreamy post-metal/-rock, [grindcore] screamo, and of course black metal...from krasnoyarsk, russia with love, ultar paint a passionate, hauntingly beautiful aural environment from which to embrace the darkness...pairs well with a cbd cigarette and low lighting outdoors


for a deeper experience, listen to the full album: https://album.link/i/1453396347

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  Derek Dunagan

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