John Jordan


John lives in Boulder with his wife and two kids. They're all blond and adorable. He makes software with his bare hands.

Favorite place

Bolivia, especially the Andes Mountains

1st album

Counting Crows - August and Everything After - loved that whiney pre-emo emo

Really good at

  • JavaScript front-ends in frameworks like React and Angular
  • Acting out children's books. I'd flip if asked me to record a children's books for them. Really.

Been coding for

6 yrs

Started coding because

I'm addicted to startups but I couldn't convince enough developers to work long and painful hours for no money and very low chance of success, so I decided to do that myself...Gah. I'm a moron.

Part of the work that makes you come alive

The idea of one day building something that will make a huge, positive difference for a bazillion people.

Favorite project

Hearth (Trish's and my architecture software startup) is my favorite so far - I like that it is B2B SaaS and not primarily consumer facing, which means we're building truly valuable software and solving real business problems for companies that are happy to pay for it. It also is exciting because it's got potential to go in all kinds of directions.

Favorite client

Last year I build an MVP for a startup that wanted to build diagrams that showed live-streamed data. It was super cool to help them conceptualize and build the product from scratch.