I have no doubt that the code theyre writing for us is of the highest quality available, but equally valuable to us is that dojo4 walks its talk as a Certified B Corporation. Theyre good people doing good work, and they can provide field-tested expert guidance on both the design and execution of your idea.

As a certified B Corporation, DOJO4 is leveraging our business to promote renewable energy within the tech industry. Greening up our virtual carbon footprint led us to the incredible research that Greenpeace has been doing through their Click Clean campaign.

Turns out, Greenpeace was poised to launch a beta version of the Click Clean Chrome extension and wanted to partner with DOJO4 to consolidate a well-designed, robust database on the back-end and solve some complex issues related to functioning globally and multi-lingually.

Beyond showing you which of your favorite sites are helping to build a green internet--and which ones remain terrible polluters--the Click Clean extension is part of a powerful movement to increase consumer demand for green energy use. By sending the sites you visit a message on Twitter right from the extension, you can tell the companies behind those websites that you want an internet powered by clean, renewable energy.

What difference will that make? Back in 2011, Greenpeace estimated that if global energy use for data/computing was equivalent to that of the 6th largest country in the world. The explosion of mobile device usage and transition to streaming video and remote data storage has increased that usage exponentially. So, by today's numbers, if we got the digital industry to go 100% renewable, it would be kind of like a nation the size of the United States to get off fossil fuels entirely. Pretty cool, huh?