Heavybit Industries

Heavybit Industries believes the future is made of software; consequently, building effective developer tools, platforms, and cloud services is of paramount importance. To foster and expedite that effort, Heavybit runs a 9-month program for post-seed funded companies making developer-focused products.

We think it's a great idea, so we were pumped when they approached us for a little help!

Specifically, they needed a hand desiging and implementing the UI for their content library, a collection of videos, articles, quotes, and blog posts produced during Heavybit's first year of operation.

We began our work in Illustrator and Photoshop, producing comps that addressed the challenge of presenting mixed content in a consistent but visually appealing way. Then, we jumped into code, integrating the aesthetic into Heavybit's Sinatra app.

dojo4 was able to jump in and help launch the library on Heavybit's ambitious timeline. And we had lots of fun doing so!

PS - Before we officially signed on to work with Heavybit, we designed and built a demo page showcasing some of our other work for their review. Check it out for yourself.