KidPower / Calorie Cloud

dojo4 was the perfect technology partner for us when we needed a new site and corresponding mobile app for KidPower -- with Tumblr API and Zendesk integration... We came to them with pretty tight deadlines and they were able to jump in full steam as a central organizing force that involved coordinating with our Pakistan-based team (which built the back end of our site); as well as our teams based in China and Cambodia -- not to mention UNICEF and our own Boulder-based team!

We were proud to be asked by the eminently cool organization Calorie Cloud to work on a project with them for the US Fund for UNICEF. One of the things that makes Calorie Cloud so cool, is that they are tackling the disturbing inverse global problems of obesity and malnutrition at the same time. Their model uses corporate wellness and school fitness programs to incentivize people in overfed developed countries to count the calories they reduce/burn, which are then translated into nutritional medicine for malnourished people in underdeveloped areas.

In this case, we were brought in to redesign the site and corresponding mobile app. Because we deliver look-and-feel and UI design in code (rather than PSDs), our process was especially supportive to the client on short timeline.

This project also called for Tumblr API and Zendesk integration, both of which we were happy to deliver.

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