You're about to board a long distance flight but you've already watched all the movies on your iPad. There's no way you could download a new one in time, unless you could download it over the airport's LAN network...

That's the principle behind Movime's store and app.

Movime pitched the idea to dojo4, and we couldn't resist the technical challenges it entailed. We split up into 5 teams to tackle the interrelated tasks: one to build tools to import and render thousands of movies and meta data, one to build cloud-based API servers, one to build a mobile Shopify storefront, one to build and deploy movie servers using Chef & Vagrant, and one to build iPad and iPhone apps for playing huge movie files.

Look for the app in the App Store. The airport store is available at Boston Logan, Chicago O'Hare, and Detroit Metro, with more airports coming soon. There's now a mobile store as well!