Numerica Corporation

Colorado-based Numerica Corporation works to solve the most important science challenges faced by customers in industries specializing in defense and security. Lumen is a new product for Numerica. Designed to rapidly improve the ability of law enforcement professionals to search and analyze structured and unstructured data across multiple data sources and jurisdictional boundaries, Lumen is accelerating the impact of crime analysis and investigation.

Detectives using Lumen requested the ability to perform searches for things such as mugshots while interviewing in the field. In order to support investigators and field officers with mobile, on-the-go access to Lumen, Numerica came to dojo4 for help with the development of a mobile application for the product.

Allowing police officers the ability to search and review information from millions of police records through a 5" screen was an interesting challenge that dojo4 immediately jumped on. dojo4 helped build the mobile version of Lumen used by detectives today, saving investigators time and increasing productivity in the field.

Dojo4 enjoyed working with fellow developers to build a radical new application for law enforcement professionals. We are glad to continue our work with Numerica as they add functionality and continued enhancements to the product.