We partnered with dojo4 at a critical juncture for our fast-growing company... They jumped in like total team players and wrote a low-level Android Near Field Communication (NFC) library and pilot diagnostic app that used it. Their fast development helped us launch a quickly needed app to help support research into the effects of solar power provided to schools. Their attention to detail helped us diagnose an unknown hardware issue letting us resolve it before the next release... The job was successfully delivered, and dojo4 did a great hand-off to our new developer staff so we could bring the ongoing work back in house. I would recommend them to anyone who needs reliable folks to solve complex technological problems in the real world.

Off-Grid Electric is a Tanzania-based clean tech startup doing exactly what the name implies: electrifying people's homes and businesses in areas without grid-based power. Based on next-generation lithium batteries, hyper-efficient appliances and clever electronics, Off-Grid has reimagined what is possible for autonomous solar.

By switching their customers from kerosene to solar, Off-Grid is able to provide 50 times the amount of light for a fraction of the cost and eliminate pollution and health risks associated with burning kerosene indoors.

Working in remote areas presents numerous technical challenges for Off-Grid's field agents, so they teamed up with DOJO4 to write an Android application that enables them to upgrade systems and diagnose issues on site.