Stand Up To Cancer

We've are honored to have had the chance to work with such an impactful non-profit like Stand Up To Cancer. As a long-term client we've built several apps and sites for them.

Stand Up To Lung Cancer

We implemented a responsive site to accommodate this campaign against lung cancer, with searchability for clinical trials and an embedded PSA video with actor Tony Goldwyn, viewable in the browser.

Siemens / Bass the Baton

Stand Up To Cancer and Siemens approached us looking for help with their "Baton Pass" fundraising program. They had a Facebook app in place, but wanted to make it easier to "pass the baton" and track/count baton passes.

We created a responsive site for passing the baton and an admin panel for collecting/administering the various types of baton passes. This data was then collected and sent back out to the site dynamically via a custom api. To top it all off, the site is converted to static html pages, uploaded to S3 and fronted by CloudFront all as part of the deploy.

Ultimately we were able to give SU2C and Siemens a dynamic, adminable web application that then deploys statically for incredible speed and stability. Who says you can't have it all?


One way that SU2C spreads the word about their cause is by helping people touched by cancer pay tribute to their battles and their loved ones. A different agency created the first version of the #istandupfor iPhone app and SU2C brought the original iPhone app to us in order to create a website, create an Android version, and create a new iOS app. And oh yea, make sure it handles the pressures of live, international television!

The #istandupfor app allows people to create and share a photo placard with the Stand Up To Cancer community. It also allows them to share their tribute via social media. We think the website looks great and is fun to use, but see for yourself at

The last part of this #istandupfor project was to create native mobile apps for both iOS and Android in time for the 2014 MLB World Series. The apps needed to be easily maintained by SU2C, give a good native app experience, and handle hundreds of thousands of users at a time. This led to having some interesting architecture conversations with Amazon Web Services.

We're Calling You!

Every other year, SU2C shows a live, international telethon where they raise millions of dollars for cancer research. It's a one hour program filled with celebrities, stories of courageous cancer patients, and highlights of promising scientific research. For the 2014 telethon, they came to us with a unique idea: instead of having celebrities answer phone calls from people calling to donate, why not switch it up and let celebrities contact people directly?

To allow people to register to receive a call from a celebrity, we built a website that allowed people share their stories about cancer and why they should get a call from a celebrity. The site had a great, on-brand design that the client loved, had an admin interface to allow the SU2C staff to easily review and select registrants, and encouraged the user to donate where they could.

In addition to the registration website, we created a responsive, mobile web app that allowed the celebrities to contact registrants. This app had to work reliably since the celebrities used it while on the stage during the live show. Just as a backup, we added the ability for a celebrity to text the backstage SU2C stage should they have any questions. The app also had to be personalized for each celebrity and work on the latest Samsung mobile devices. One of the things that SU2C loved most about this application was the fact that it was a mobile web app that allowed them to have a flexibility that a native app wouldn't have.

To read more about this project, see our blog posts before and after the live show!