Vinyl Me, Please

dojo4 is the best dev firm around. They're amazing people and took the time to understand our business needs before building anything. They gave us the resources that made sense given our objectives and worked within a budget that we set. We look at any contractor as an extension of our team and it's amazing to have people as smart and passionate as the folks at dojo4 on our side.

Vinyl Me, Please believes in the power of the album as an art form. They believe that music has the ability to connect with people on a much deeper level and that through listening to and discovering music, a person’s life can be legitmately impacted for the better. They’ve built their service to create a unique experience around great albums that tie in all 5 senses to build a deep connection between artist and listener. Their mission is to be the greatest music company ever created and to make their member’s lives even more awesome than they already are and, dammit, we help them do it!

dojo4 has been working with this great company to help automate their business. Working with small businesses to articulate and implement business automations (e.g. providing technical operationalizations for communications with third party services) is something we love to do, damnit, we're good at it!