Jeremy Hinegardner — Senior Software Crafter

Jeremy Hinegardner has worked with a variety of teams solving complex problems. He is a software crafter who will understand your problem and create a long-lasting solution that works for you.

He generally works on data pipeline, management, and analysis systems. Although he can be found on the backend of a web applications and delving into mobile libraries. He has a particular predilection for queuing systems and background processing.

Recent successes:

  • Updated a languishing social media analysis system from Ruby 1.8 and Rails 3 to Ruby 2.3 and Rails 5. In the process it was migrated to an infrastructure that is easily maintainable by a small team.
  • Migrated an existing failing custom ETL system for a financial tech company to AWS Batch and Luigi including writing an Luigi AWS Batch adapter in python.
  • Implemented an Android NFC library for extracting and aggregating metrics data from solar panel systems in the field.

On multiple occasions Jeremy has worked with teams to collect, aggregate, filter, and analyze raw social media. This has included access to raw twitter data feeds and processing it through a variety of streaming data pipeline technologies.

Jeremy is a known speaker in the Ruby community and has spoken at Ruby and other developer conferences around the world. In addition he has developed several open source rubygems and has contributed to multiple other open source projects.