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The culture we foster at dojo4 is integral to who we are and how we do business. It's important to us that our work is impactful, effective, meaningful and sustainably rewarding. Our workplace aims to be one that promotes physical and mental health, joy, humor and compassion. dojo4 is built to provide the basis for engaging challenges, fostering creative and intellectual development, and to be a real source of support for our clients, ourselves and our families. We believe that sane and supportive workplaces can be the building blocks for stability and innovation in our greater culture.

To that effect, we are continually working to evolve an enlightened company culture in the following ways:


We will always work with you to build what you need most, robustly and efficiently. Our rate is $150/person-hour for any work we do for you using our legal agreement, and $175/person-hour if your legal department prefers to use your contract. (We do offer reduced rates for being on retainer or some ongoing projects.) Our agreements are exceptionally fair and equitable and allow you to get the best work done, productively, cost-effectively and with transparency.


Areas of Specialization
Application Development
Mobile Application Development
(Responsive) Website Design & Development
Strategy and Biz Dev
Product Articulation
Market Identification
Development Strategy
(Responsive) Website Design
UX/UI Design
Logo and Brand Development
Ruby on Rails
Javascript & JS Frameworks
HTML5 (XHTML, etc)