Luke Miller — Junior Snow Diety and Front End Developer

Luke Miller was born in Nederland & grew up in Boulder (yet somehow didn't know Corey); ex-jobs: dishwasher, ski patrol, snowboard instructor, ski shop guy, ski factory worker, yosemite search & rescue, startup founder, fun hog; loves diesel trucks; terrible at most if not all team sports; prefers -30 degrees to 90 degrees any day; used to have a red mohawk...not that long ago! He pioneered the tele-switch in 1998, long before the euros even know what tele skis were -

According to his wife, Luke is a "great dancer from ballroom to the Indian lightbulb dance; loves candy, especially black licorice and fruit jellies; can read Cyrillic and Hindi signage, even on moving trains, without having studied either language; he and our son, felix could have a pearl street show together featuring the 'boy balancing act' and likely make some good coin; he loves snow, and if you have even seen him ski, you would see that snow loves him right back; also, he is really, really good person".