Jeremy Hinegardner


Jeremy Hinegardner is a known speaker in the Ruby community and has spoken at Ruby and other developer conferences around the world. In addition he has developed several open source rubygems and has contributed to multiple other open source projects.

Favorite places

  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Isla, Scotland

1st album

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Really good at

  • Backend software that deals with lots of data
  • Understanding and solving complex, weird problems
  • Understanding a problem from someone else's perspective
  • Enjoying cuisine in wonderful places around the world with good friends
  • Reading lots of speculative fiction

Been coding for

25 years

Started coding because

It felt like home. There was a natural affinity. It was new and exciting and computers do exactly what you tell them to do.

Part of the work that makes you come alive

The joy and relief on people's faces when a continual worry they have had has been solved and they don't have to worry about it again.

Favorite projects

  • Working on the Android library for Off-Grid Electric was one of my favorite projects. It was in a technology area I've often wanted to work in, but haven't had much opportunity. It was an Android library that talked over NFC to another embedded system to gather sensor and log data. It dealt with low-level bit twiddling and effectively network communication. Both are areas I have long loved, and do not get an opportunity to work with as much.

  • Movime allowed me to learn about things I didn’t know anything to about like how movies are are stored and distributed. It allowed me to collaborate with AWS to do things very few people have done before. More here in his talk “Taking Ruby to the Movies”

Favorite client

Vinyl-Me, Please was a great client. I had a lot of fun working with them, and it was a great opportunity to help them automate a bunch of their back-end systems and help set them up for future growth with a new e-commerce platform. What made working with them even better was hey had a defined set of incremental steps they wanted to make to get to that end goal, and we worked it and got to where we needed get to. It’s been great to see them succeed.


  • Facilitator of Code && Coffee
  • Sometimes cleaner of the kitchen
  • Doer of things that other people ask


  • Backend software dev and architecture
  • Esoteric technology questions
  • Core language problems for Ruby

Been with the company how long?

Since the beginning

Work History

  • IBM
  • Collective Intellect

Organizations are you a member



University of Missouri, Columbia - MS- Computer Science