Spike Ilacqua


The mononymous Spike is the sort of person who throws around words like "mononymous". Having derived the MVC pattern from first principles in Perl he discovered Rails and never looked back. And that was after he'd already started the world's first ISP looking like 'Morpheus' from The Matrix:

Spike in Morpheus Mode

He's bemused that "what comes around, goes around" applied to software development and means that his knowledge of C, Lisp, and functional programming are as relevant now has they were when refrigerator size computers roamed the land. Not so much for Ada, that's never coming back.

Favorite place


1st album

Men at Work - Business as Usual

Really good at

  • Complex integrations between very different systems
  • Making pizza

Been coding for

35 years

Started coding because

I wanted to understand how computers worked

Part of the work that makes you come alive

Solving a hard problem that stumps me at first

Favorite project

Taking a not obvious approach to collect data for Stand Up To Cancer. We made a difference and helped them raise money.