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WordPress Isn't Worth It in the Long Run

One of our favorite clients, Gnip (recently acquired by Twitter), leans on us for all of their marketing design and websites, including,, and

Their two blogs are WordPress instances (remnants of a pre-dojo4 legacy) that never seemed to be worth the effort to migrate out of WordPress at the time. however is a fully static website built with Middleman and hosted on S3 and CloudFront. We made this recommendation after building and hosting a full-fledged Rails application for their site and noticing that their site would be a perfect candidate for a simple static site. The factors that tipped us off to this are the same for any other static site: no user accounts, speed and uptime are the highest priority, and so few updates that an admin interface is overkill (although with our static site,, we built a webhook to listen for blog post publishes).

Community Happy Hours Have Begun!

Last night we hosted the first dojo4 Community Happy Hour, a monthly series featuring a short talk by a presenter from our community, bookended by beer, wine and delectable treats.

5-6:30pm every third Thursday, come to 2030 17th Street. Bring a friend, bring a bottle to share and warm up the winter evenings by engaging interesting topics, enjoying each other's company, and enriching your world.

A big shout out to Downtown Boulder, Inc. for sponsoring these gatherings! Keep an eye on dojo4's Facebook events page for upcoming topics. Hope to see you there!

Emailadore on ProductHunt

Emailadore: It's adorable, and useful.

Recently we posted one of our internal tools, Emailadore, to ProductHunt. It got a few upvotes and ~500 visitors over 2 days. Awesome!

One piece of feedback we got was that the landing page didn't offer much information on why it's useful. Yup, that's what you get when it's an internal tool! We'll update the landing page at some point with some better explanation prancing unicorns, but in the meantime, here's a short write up about why we find it useful and some use cases.