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Who's Been Busy in Denver?

Cross Cultured has.

Cross Cultured logo

They're midway through their inaugural season and are kicking butt. In case you're unfamiliar, Cross Cultured runs a membership program for young, culturally curious individuals that gives access to a special event series at some of the various arts institutions around Denver. This summer, the program will run until October 31st. It's not too late to check out their list of remaining events and become a member!

Never Play Games & Other Secrets to Success from dojo4's CTO

Have you ever wondered how Ara got started as a web developer? (He used to work on weather data and supercomputers for NOAA, you know). As one of his non-geek colleagues, this ugurus interview provided some interesting backstory for me, and a good window into the evolution of the modern programmers walking among us.

Around 15:40 he goes into "the" two types of developers (and which type he is) as well as daily best practices for productivity and sanity (20:00) - useful if you're someone who stares at a screen most of the day.

If you really want to know what our inimitable CTO is all about, you'll probably have to offer him a beer. Or, follow him on Twitter.

Snugg-le Up @ the Boulder Energy Challenge Community Pitch Night Tommorrow

A few years back dojo4 had the privilege of working closely with a unique Boulder startup, Snugg Home. Snugg is at the cutting edge of tangible climate change solutions that us regular folk can actually put into practice.

Tomorrow night Snugg'll be @ the one and only Impact Hub Boulder pitching a new product that's made it to the finals of The City of Boulder's Energy Challenge, a grant program designed to solicit innovative solutions from our community for reducing GHG emissions in Boulder.

dojo4 will be there representing, and we hope you'll join us! The grant panel's judges will be in attendance and will be looking to see which of the six finalists best capture our community's collective imagination - so come make some noise for our buddies @Snugg!