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Does Your Company Care About the Environment?

Then put it in writing! Including an environmental policy in your company's handbook actually matters. Maybe your founders and/or current employees already bike to work, carry reusable mugs and recycle religiously, but by taking the time to craft an environmental policy that is specific to your organization and including it in the handbook, you deepen that commitment, provide the ethical foundation for earth-driven financial decisions, and ensure that it outlasts you and your personal commitments to the environment.


We live in an exciting time when new ways to mitigate environmental impacts are becoming available every year, so make the time to stay current with everything your company can and should be doing to be green, write it down, and share it to inspire others.

sister code: 5 ways to meet women [halfway]


It doesn't just look good to have more women developers, it's actually phenomenally better for innovation and great for business.

Disturbingly the percentage of women in computer science has dwindled radically since the mid-80's and there was recently a significant further decline in the number of first-year undergraduate women interested in majoring in Computer Science. However, girls and women are indeed interested in writing code and good at it. And we will all be the better for it if we can help them do that. Here are 5 ways to do that:

This blog posted from behind the locked door of the bathroom at dojo4!

Do any of the behaviors below apply to you?

  • At least once during the workday, you spend 15-20 minutes locked in a room.
  • When the only door that locks in your office is the one to the bathroom, you announce to your coworkers that if they need it, they better use it now, because you're going to be in there for a while.
  • While locked in said room, a rhythmic, mechanical sound can be heard faintly emanating through the thin door.
  • What you're doing in there may or may not be a mystery, but your coworkers do not make eye contact with you when you finally emerge.
  • However, on a good-humored day, twinkly eye contact is offered from your coworkers, mostly in recognition of the fact that while you were locked away, they were blasting this on the office stereo:

If you identified with any of the above, you may have an obsessive masturbation schedule that you're having trouble putting on hold during the work day. But more likely you are a breastfeeding mother who must pump milk out of her boobs every day for months, if not years, after the birth of each child.