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dojo4 takes a bat to cancer.

dojo4's last project with Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) helped them raise over $100 million in one telethon. A month later we're working with SU2C again; this time they are partnering with Major League Baseball to raise funds at the World Series!

SU2C came to us with an issue - MLB is featuring SU2C and the fight against cancer during Game 3 of the World Series (tomorrow - Friday, Oct 24th)! They wanted to improve upon an app that we built them a few months ago that allows people to make a tribute to a loved one affected by cancer: #istandupfor.

We originally built the app as a responsive website where people could upload an image, type in a dedication, share their tribute on social media, and be featured in the SU2C gallery. With the new visibility of Major League Baseball, SU2C wanted to take the app to a whole 'nother level. So we went back to the drawing board.

Harvest Time @ Calgary Farmers Market

It’s that time of the year when your CSA drops off the last of the eggplant and apples at your door and you start Googling babaghanoush and making cider.

dojo4 recently reconnected with our favorite farmers up North at the Calgary Farmer's Market. For a number of years, dojo4 has assisted CFM in maintaining its ExpressionEngine website - one we designed and built for them many moons ago.

We've lent a hand with everything from design micro-adjustments to full-page overhauls, such as making their "Explore the Market" map interactive with hover states, tooltips, and light boxes.

Does Your Company Care About the Environment?

Then put it in writing! Including an environmental policy in your company's handbook actually matters. Maybe your founders and/or current employees already bike to work, carry reusable mugs and recycle religiously, but by taking the time to craft an environmental policy that is specific to your organization and including it in the handbook, you deepen that commitment, provide the ethical foundation for earth-driven financial decisions, and ensure that it outlasts you and your personal commitments to the environment.


We live in an exciting time when new ways to mitigate environmental impacts are becoming available every year, so make the time to stay current with everything your company can and should be doing to be green, write it down, and share it to inspire others.