Corey Kohn — Chief Operating Officer and Partner

COO (and widely published photographer) Corey Kohn is a Boulder native who has made her home in lots of places over the years, including NYC, California, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Germany, Holland, Austria, and India.

She started off studying biology and math, but ended up with a B.A. in Medical Anthropology from McGill University and a graduate degree in Communications from Concordia University.

Corey’s background in film and event production (from Oscar-nominated movies to conferences in Northern India) has given her a thorough range of experience in managing teams, transforming big visions into concrete products, and allowing innovative creativity and practical ingenuity to come together productively.

She helps design businesses to be the building blocks of a saner, healthier and more compassionate world. Her main work is supporting the work of social innovators through doing things like co-founding the Impact Hub in Boulder and advocating for a more enlightened, human way of doing business. All this is made possible through the good company of her exceptionally patient husband, Michael, and fearless, funny daughters, Florence and Phoebe.