Derek Dunagan — Practitioner of the Computational Arts

Derek Dunagan writes, designs, overthinks, architects, advises on, compulsively reads about, manages, and deletes software.

For two decades, he's tended to work on data-heavy applications, and making them intelligible to humans who do not have a computer science degree. Be it audience intelligence platforms, flight routing algorithms, transportation simulation platforms, just-in-time airport intelligence apps, enterprise contact center platforms, sports statistics management tools, or editorial/advertising management frameworks; Derek's racking his brain and crushing his keyboard to take dense information from machines and fashion it into experiences that help normal people do wisdomful shit (while making playing with the datums kinda's not weird).

The resident VJSvangelist/curmudgeon, the only frameworks he's used more than once are React, Webpack (somewhat begrudgingly), Mapbox/Leaflet (cuz frameworkless maps am teh hardz), D3/Highcharts (also teh hardz), Express, Mocha, and Vue (although there is a limit to how many times he has to use the component component before he begins abusing his backspace key). He spends most of his time at the dojo juggling data and attempting to make using React and Webpack with Rails not be the end of sanity for his comrades in arms. His thesis-in-progress is on how to make the most concise, comprehensible, static app possible with browser tech.

When not softwaring, whatever he's doing has metal or hip hop in the foreground, sometimes in the background. The city he's in tends to change a lot. And his utility belt includes multiple guitars, the linices, and a bottle of wildfire. He is right-handed.