Derek Dunagan


Derek writes, designs, overthinks, (re)architects, advises on, and deletes software. And really just tries to make good software happen.

Favorite places

  • Atlanta & New York
  • France, especially Paris & Marseille
  • Copenhagen
  • India, especially Mumbai & the Laccadive coast
  • and wherever my nieces happen to be

1st album

That I can remember? I'm pretty sure it's either a cassette of New Kids on the Block - Hangin' Tough or of Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme

Really good at

  • JavaScripting and the permutations thereof
  • Stylesheeting / Hypertexting
  • (Com|Trans)pilating
  • Devzigning smoove interactions

Been coding for

 years for fun,  years for profit

Started coding because

Computers were fascinating to me as a child. I started using MS-DOS at a very young age and just tinkered on computers all the time. Then ISPs started popping up, still in the DOS era, and I hammered on the Internet a lot. Then on the Web. Then on teh codez. Then on building them. My fascination with computers ultimately led to me learning programming when I was in middle school, and I just naturally kept it going.

Part of the work that makes you come alive

Solving hard and abstract problems, particularly ones involving complex data and the human processes that put that data to work, especially meaningful, impact work

Favorite projects

Favorite client

dojo4 (kinda cheating, but truth)


  • Making apps all interact-y
  • Juggling the datums in the browser
  • Making the use of React + Webpack + Rails not be the end of sanity for my comrades-in-arms
  • Continuing my thesis-in-progress on building the most concise, comprehensible, yet powerful, static-app stack possible
  • Taking dense information from machines and fashioning it into experiences that help non-CS-PhD-having, normal-ass humans do wisdomful shit
  • Sneaking bizarre music into the queue at the office
  • Being in charge of making it weird


  • Being the resident VJSvangelist/curmudgeon
  • Making it weird
  • Doin the JavaScript frameworks, upon which I have not taken a sacred vow of verbotening:
    • React
    • Webpack (somewhat begrudgingly)
    • Mapbox/Leaflet (cuz frameworkless maps am teh hardz)
    • D3/Highcharts (also teh hardz)
    • Express
    • Mocha
    • Vue (I can. And I will. But I won't like it.)

Been with the company how long?

I'm the new guy, so like years


  • Traveling
  • Musicking, especially metal and hip hop
  • Opensourcing


A-town down

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