So, what do you actually do?

We build software: web applications, mobile web applications, iOS and Android native mobile applications, as well as beautiful, responsive web sites. We do everything in-house including brand identity, concepting, writing, design, development, and managed hosting. We specialize in applications that require hard problems to be solved or big data to be crunched, and those web sites that require ultra-high availability, ultra-high performance, and extreme security.

A lot of agencies seem to do a lot of that, what makes you people so special?

We've been doing this for a long time — most of us for over 20 years. Our team has built supercomputing systems, contributed to the world's first ISP, organized amazing conferences, seen the world through new eyes, and painted the desert.

We've done a tremendous amount of teaching over the years and contribute 1000s of libraries to the Open Source community. All combined, our small team has launched more than 20 startups. We know how to use technology to help projects succeed.

We’re also a Certified B Corp and a worker-owned cooperative. Every one of us is in this for each other, and for the joy of bringing rigorous minds to purposeful work. We’ve created a collaborative workspace that’s open to our local community’s impact entrepreneurs, and have directly contributed thousands of dollars to local civic engagement projects.

Basically, we are fun to work with and are like, really, really good at the internet.

How do you define "impact organizations"?

Great question. We understand impact organizations to be those that use ingenuity to actively help people and our environment, by providing solutions to real problems. We've found that we do our best work when we are solving real problems, by which we mean our work is helping create a world where no one is limited by their circumstance.

I have a question that you didn't answer.

We want to know what you want to know: would you please take a moment to ask us?