The Calgary Farmer's Market

by Justin Crawford

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In March we were approached by representatives of The Calgary Farmers' Market, one of Canada's most extensive farmers' markets. They wanted a new website, and they wanted a new way to engage with their customers.

dojo4 worked with a team of local marketing and design experts, including Jeffrey Larrimore, to produce a comprehensive review of their existing content and design. We led numerous brainstorming sessions to help understand who the market wants to serve and how best to reach those folks.

Then it was to design. We presented several options and ran through multiple iterations until it was clear that the market's managers were delighted. We were delighted, too! The new design has a vibrant and celebratory feel and offers multiple options for engagement and growth.

As the market completes a move from one physical location to another in Calgary, we continue to support it with fresh content and site features to help people learn about the market's new home.

This has been a very rewarding project—the folks in Calgary are very interested in making their market's site and online outreach second-to-none. We're proud to be a part of it.